Data Group

The group made up of Data Administrators (typically serving in a data steward role at the program), selected by the program and listed on the Data Administrators Contacts page of the PESB website.


The Data Group clarifies how to count the elements defined in the Data Manuals and answers technical questions for the Data Manual and Report Guidance documents. Any member of a program's data governance team can this group's meetings, but the work described is done by the Data Administrators.

Counting Elements

The Data Group defines how elements are collected and determines whether the data collections measure what is intended. Specifically, the Data Group reviews the elements of each Data Manual to ensure that it can be operationalized by asking the following questions.


    • Does it incorporate system and statewide keys for joining with other data to avoid information silos?
    • Are the definitions of the elements clear?
    • Are there data collisions that need to be addressed?
    • Is the granularity at the correct level so that multiple reports can be created aggregated from the information?


    • Does it collect actions, rather than intentions?
    • Does it collect when something happened, i.e. a timestamp?
    • Is it limited to simple categorization?
    • Will the data collected have variance?

Responding to Technical Questions

The Data Group also schedules ongoing meetings to catch and resolve questions or problems with Data Manuals and current Report Guidance documents. If these issues are determined to be 'simple' technical fixes, such as adding / changing valid values or breaking up elements into easier to produce tables, the Data Group resolves and documents the changes in the Data Manual and / or Report Guidance document.
Questions about element definitions are referred back to the subject matter experts who defined the first draft of a data manual.