Data Collections v Annual Reports 

Data Manual? Report? What's the difference?

Reports submitted by PESB approved WA educator preparation programs are the result of a step two (2) of a two-step process:
First, the data is collected by programs.
Then, the data is reported to PESB.
Graphically represented as
This occurs annually, for example:

Data Manuals 2013-2014 ----> 2014 Report Guidance

Data Manuals 2014-2015 ----> 2015 Report Guidance

Data Manuals 2015-2016 ----> 2016 Report Guidance

The primary documentation to support these steps are:

  1. Data Manuals
    1. a prospective document
    2. guides the collection of candidate level data during a specified academic year
  2. Report Guidance
    1. a retrospective document
    2. program level data aggregated from the Data Manuals used to guide the previous academic year’s candidate level data collections