Types of TA 

Topical Webinars for All Data Administrators

See Technical Assistance page for webinar dates and agendas.

Technical Assistance Webinars

Typically 45-minute webinars for data administrators to bring any questions about data manuals or annual reports to the table for discussion and / or resolution.
Questions that require input from the broader data administrator group are brought to the next 'targeted' TA webinar.

Typically 90-minute webinars w/an agenda, often focused on a specific topic, e.g. a new data collection or the annual reporting cycle.

Individual Program Assistance

Upon request, PESB staff will work with program data administrators to identify program-specific technical assistance needs and responses, which may include:

  • resourcing a visit to another program
  • bringing expertise on-site

Ongoing TA

One-on-One Data Administrator Assistance

Contact Cheryl Ricevuto directly at either cheryl.ricevuto@k12.wa.us or 360.725.6327.

Data System Interviews

Six (6) program deans and / or data administrators offered up their advice in planning, developing, and / or extending their data systems to deliver program data reports in support of continuous improvement and reporting efforts. A summary synopsis of those discussions was presented at the September 2014 PESB meeting.

Web-based Resources

The Annual Data Collections and Reports shows links to many resources, which are updated as needed to meet data administrator needs, process timelines, and including various visualizations of submitted data.