Program Approval Options for Washington State Educator Preparation Programs  

Full Approval = 5 or 7 years

  • 5 year approval for non-NCATE institutions 
  • 7 year approval for NCATE institutions 
    • Staff will inform members if number of years until next visit is less than one of the above options due to limited approval(s) or other factors. 
    • "Approval until the next regularly scheduled site visit” for programs that have been operating under initial approval. (Staff will inform members if this was an initial visit.) 

Limited Approval = Up to 1 year
  • Board will specify, depending on the nature of evidence that must be considered to regain full approval: 
    • Focus site visit related to unmet standards and recommendations, or 
    • Written report related to unmet standards and recommendations. 

  • Only given to programs with limited approval, or initial approval (27 months from the beginning of instruction)* 
    • The program may continue to enroll candidates, if submits acceptable compliance plan 
    • The Board may reject the compliance plan and cease enrollment in disapproved programs unlikely to regain approval 

WAC 181-78A-100 Existing approved programs
(6) The professional educator standards board shall determine the schedule for such approval reviews and whether an on-site visit or other forms of documentation and validation shall be used for the purposes of granting approval under the 1997 program approval standards. In determining the schedule for site visits, the board shall take into consideration the partnership agreement between the state and the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) as such agreement relates to the NCATE accreditation cycle and allow NCATE accredited colleges/universities to follow the NCATE schedule for their state site visit. Non-NCATE accredited colleges/universities shall have a state approval site visit every five years. The professional educator standards board may require more frequent site visits at their discretion pursuant to WAC 181-78A-110(2).

*WAC 181-78A-110 Length of time for which program approval status may be granted
(3) The professional educator standards board, upon receipt of a serious complaint from any source or upon its own initiative prompted by indications of the need for response, may at any time review all or any part of a preparation program for compliance with the provisions of this chapter. If deviations are found, the professional educator standards board is authorized to change the program's current approval status, including full disapproval.

WAC 181-78A-115 Disapproved programs
Approved preparation programs shall not lose official approval status until the professional educator standards board has taken final action to disapprove the preparation program pending the provisions under WAC 181-78A-110 (1)(d)(ii) programs shall be permitted to continue to prepare and recommend for certification candidates who have been previously admitted to the program, provided that no recommendations for certifications will be accepted later than thirty months following receipt of the formal notice of disapproval. Following the receipt of formal notice of disapproval, the program shall notify all currently enrolled candidates of the program's disapproval status.