Certification File Review - Residency School Psychology

Signed and dated OSPI Forms
  • Application Form (4098A)
  • Institutional Verification of Program Completion and Character  Form (4098E)
  • Verification of Experience Form (4020F-1) in lieu of program, if applicable
  • Verification of Good Standing in Other States (4020C), if applicable and not holding a valid WA certificate
  • Character and Fitness supplement (4020B) if not currently holding a WA certificate
  • Fingerprint clearance within two years of being placed on the recommending list if not currently holding a WA certificate
Assessments (dates required)
  • Comprehensive exam or PRAXIS II school psychology
  • Conferred master's degree from a regionally accredited program
  • Dean's Affidavit
  • Evidence of certification fees paid
  • Copy of teaching, administrator, ESA, or principal certificate
Revised 12/2011