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Clinical Practice

Clinical Practice and Field Experiences for Approved Programs

Draft Field Experience Definitions & Development Process In spring 2014, a stakeholder work group consisting of field directors drafted definitions of field experience, clinical practice, and supervised internship. The data administrators and the Standard 4 work group will continue working on the draft definitions and bring them to the Standards Board for consideration for adoption in fall 2015 / winter 2016. The draft definitions / amendments to WAC 181-78A-010 proposed by the field directors' work group are linked below:

Draft Field Experience Definitions / Amendments to WAC 181-78A-010
Please note: Below is the PESB guidance on clinical practice until the Standard 4 work group completes their review and the Standards Board considers and potentially approves the draft field experience definitions / amendments to WAC 181-78A-010 in fall 2015 / winter 2016.
Clinical Practice Requirement: 450-Hour Minimum
PESB wishes to provide clarification on the requirements in WAC 181-78A-264(3)(f)(i)(B) regarding clinical practice.

Teacher candidates must complete a minimum of 450 hours of clinical practice. (Clinical practice is supervised planning, instruction, and reflection in classroom settings. The supervision is provided by P-12 mentors.)
The minimum hours cannot be met through a combination of field experiences and clinical practice.

WAC Definitions
Field experience (e.g., practicum, observation, tutoring)

Field experience includes opportunities to observe, plan, practice, and reflect on methods of instruction and differentiation.
Field experience will include opportunities to work in communities with populations dissimilar to the background of the candidate that are integrated throughout the preparation program and supervised by faculty/staff on an on-going basis, including on-site visits. WAC 181-78A-264(3)(b)(i-iii)
Field placement agreements must be in place with all school districts in which candidates are placed for experiences leading to certification or endorsement. WAC 181-78A-264(3)(d) Clinical practice (i.e., student teaching, internship):

Clinical practice is no less than 450 hours of supervised planning, instruction, and reflection in classroom settings. WAC 181-78A-264(3)(f)(i)(B)
Supervision of clinical practice is provided by P-12 mentors. WAC 181-78A-264(3)(c)(i-iv)

P-12 mentors are:

identified collaboratively with the partner school as instructional leaders,
provided with a set of internship expectations,
trained on mentoring adult learners,
fully certificated school personnel with a minimum of three years of professional experience in the role they are supervising, and
reviewed annually by faculty/staff for effectiveness of preparation and communication. WAC 181-78A-264(3)(e)

The candidate and the mentor are provided with entry and exit criteria and a process for mitigating concerns during clinical practice. WAC 181-78A-264(3)(e)

Here are some frequently asked questions. For all other questions in regards to Clinical Practice and Field Experiences, please contact Coleen Putaansuu.