Authorization to Place Candidates for Field Experiences in Washington Schools

What is "Authorized for Field Placement" status?

In response to the growing number of Washington educators in out-of-state / online educator preparation programs, PESB created Authorization for Field Placement (AFP) status. Authorization for field placement does not denote compliance with Washington-based program approval standards.

The decision to provide field placements for candidates from these programs remains a district decision. The AFP designation is intended to assist districts in making the best decision about the partnerships they enter into with out-of-state / online preparation programs. Field placement agreements must be in place for ALL candidates, including those from institutions designated as AFP. In all cases, school districts retain full discretion in entering into field placement agreements. 
Out-of-state programs are not compelled to request this designation; they submit to the process voluntarily. Those that become Authorized for Field Placement assure the Professional Educator Standards Board, educator preparation candidates, and school district partners that their program:
  • is an approved educator preparation program in its home state;
  • has demonstrated to the PESB that the program meets a need for future educators not currently met by in-state institutions, such as geographic access or production of candidates in shortage areas;
  • prepares its candidates to teach Washington student learning standards
  • ensures that pre-certification background and safety checks are in place; and
  • has current field placement agreements in place with every school district in which it places candidates for field experience.
In order to maintain AFP status, programs are required to submit an annual report to the PESB.

How does a program become Authorized for Placements?