Standard 1 - Common Performance Assessment

Washington Council of Educational Administration Programs (WCEAP)
Common Performance Assessment Guide for Principal and Program Administrator Certification in Washington State
Approved WCEAP September 24, 2011

Washington State Standard 1 Common Performance Assessment: Study of the School or District Program Vision

1. Washington State Standard 1 - Visionary Leadership

A school or program administrator is an educational leader who has the knowledge, skills, and cultural competence to improve learning and achievement to ensure the success of each student by leading the development, articulation, implementation, and stewardship of a vision of learning that is shared and supported by school/program and community stakeholders.

2. Description of Task

The candidate studies a school or district program’s vision of learning requiring the gathering of data and providing a synthesis of artifacts and other information to show how the vision is developed, renewed, and sustained by the principal/program administrator and how it influences the planning and functioning of the school or program.

3. Product(s)

Products may vary among programs. Audience, format of presentation, and content will vary for each candidate based on location of internship.

Study of the School/Program Vision

The candidate addresses the content of the vision of learning, its alignment with district and stakeholder priorities, how well it is understood by members of the school community, and how it influences the school’s or program’s planning and implementation processes. The product may address questions that the candidate sees as critical in relation to the criteria associated with this standard.

4. Evidence

Programs gather evidence and assess performance using a rubric.

Conceptual Knowledge

This product allows candidates to demonstrate conceptual knowledge related to the following:

  1. Advancing a district‐wide shared vision for learning
  2. Putting the vision for learning into operation
  3. Developing stewardship of the vision

Applied Knowledge

Some applied knowledge may be demonstrated in the candidate’s evaluation of how the vision serves the needs of the school community. However, opportunities to apply knowledge related to this standard are demonstrated primarily on the job as a principal and in preparation for Professional Certification.

Impact Evidence (focuses on the results of the administrator’s actions)

Opportunities to demonstrate impact related to this standard are demonstrated primarily on the job as a principal/program administrator and in preparation for Professional Certification. It will be unusual for candidates to demonstrate impact of the development and use of a school or program vision.


The candidate’s product and reflective analysis should provide an opportunity to demonstrate and discuss dispositions: The educability of all students; high standards of learning; continuous school improvement; inclusion; culturally responsive programs and leadership; ensuring students’ success; willingness to continuously examine one's own assumptions, beliefs, and practices.