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Application Programming Interface

Shared Parameters

To make PESB APIs easier to use, there are a few parameters we try to make consistently available.


PESB has a default data schema but recognizes it is helpful to have choices.  There are currently three values to chose from.

Valid Values



If this value is left off (or is not recognized), the API returns a JSON file that includes the schema and values.


Returns a simple comma delimited file with the string values encapsulated by double quotes.
Note - Excel will sometimes automatically change values when opening a csv file.  For example Excel may change the string "01001" to an integer 1001. 


 Returns a json stringified array of objects (key=value).

PESB may offer other return types if the interest arises (for instance, JSONP). 


Occasionally you may want the data file to automatically download to your computer.
If so, just add "download=true"


Here are some examples using the Educator Lookup API

QUERY = "Find people working as a certified educator in the Seattle School District with the first name Jason"