This page contains information and links for educator preparation providers related to endorsement competencies, approval and re-approval forms, and implementation timelines. If you are an individual looking for an endorsement offered at an approved institution go to Approved Programs page or the Future Teachers page.

PESB Endorsement Processes

The PESB reviews endorsements at three points: approval, reapproval, and annual review. These reviews allow PESB to ensure programs prepare highly effective educators who are able to demonstrate a positive impact on student learning, as well as align requirements for endorsements with the state's P-12 learning goals; align requirements for endorsements with the specialty organization standards where appropriate; maintain rigorous standards for obtaining endorsements; and compliment a performance-based teacher certification system.

Rescinding an Endorsement Program
Programs also have the option of rescinding their endorsement program approval. To rescind approval, the dean must send a letter addressed to the PESB chair. Programs do not need the Board’s permission to rescind a program—that occurs upon receipt of the letter—but the letter will be on the consent agenda as a written report so the Board members are updated on this change in program status. Programs have 30 months to have candidates complete the endorsement program and apply for the endorsement.

Programs with endorsements receiving a disapproval will not be allowed to grant the endorsement to any newly admitted candidates. Programs may continue to grant the endorsement for candidates currently enrolled in the endorsement program up to 30 months after disapproval. After disapproval, programs may submit to offer the endorsement through the initial approval process.

Information for Currently Credentialed Teachers
Teachers who hold a current credential and seek to add endorsements should refer to the Educator Pathways Developing Current Educators pages.