CTE B&I Provider Reapproval Process

The Professional Educator Standards Board oversees the approval of all teacher preparation programs in Washington including the traditional four-year (Plan 1) providers, and the Career & Technical Education Business & Industry (Plan 2) route providers. PESB staff have been working with the Plan 2 providers on developing a process for them to maintain approval to train educators in the state. The traditional Plan 1 providers have had a long-established process, but there has not been one in place for the Plan 2 providers. They were last approved in 2010 and are up for reapproval in 2015.

A workgroup has been convened which, in addition to the six program directors, includes CTE Directors, CTE Teachers, and alumni from the programs.

Purpose and Scope

This group is tasked with: 
  • developing a reapproval process that will become a regularly established procedure for programs to complete 
  • considering revisions to WAC rules that have not been reviewed for a number of years 
  • developing rubrics to assess the programs based on CTE B&I program approval standards 
  • determining what data and information from the programs would demonstrate meeting the standards

Tentative Timeline

September 2014   Workgroup members invited 
October 2014        Workgroup meets face-to-face to begin discussions on developing reapproval process
November 2014    Webinar meetings to continue work
January 2015        Status Update to Professional Educator Standards Board
March 2015           Finish proposed reapproval process, finish rubrics, list of evidence needed
May 2015              Proposed WAC changes including reapproval process for PESB consideration

Meeting dates, agendas and notes

October 20, 2014        Face-to-face meeting
November 13, 2014    Webinar 1
November 25, 2014    Webinar 2
December 11, 2014    Webinar 3
January 14, 2015        Webinar 4
March 11, 2015          Webinar 5


At the January PESB meeting the Board gave full approval status to all six programs until 2021 to allow them to be included into the site visit schedule, and for the approval process to be developed and implemented for the CTE B&I programs.

During the March webinar 5, the providers selected the following times for their review. Specific dates will be determined as the visits approach.
Fall 2018 -- Eastern Washington University and Olympic College
Fall 2020 -- Southwest Washington Consortium and South Seattle College
Spring 2021 -- Bates Technical College and Central Washington University

For more information contact brendan.oconnor@k12.wa.us