CTE Counselor/OIS WAC 

PESB staff convened a stakeholder group representing Career and Technical Education Directors and OSPI in revising WAC 181-77-075 and WAC 181-77-080. Included in the workgroup were members of the Washington Association of Career & Technical Education Administrators (WAVA), the Washington Association for Career and Technical Education (WA-ACTE), and members and leadership of the Career Guidance Counselor Association (CGCA).

Purpose and Scope
  • Determine knowledge and skills expectations for the positions
  • Develop methods for earning this certification 
  • Update and modify renewal requirements to align with other similar certificates
Meetings via webinar

  • Summer 2014 -- develop competencies for the role(s), develop draft WAC language
  • Fall 2014 -- vet competencies and proposed WAC language
  • Fall 2015 -- work with CTE B&I (Plan 2 providers) to develop courses, curriculum, assessments, etc.
    • September 2015 -- face-to-face meeting between work group and B&I providers for initial discussion
  • Winter 2016 -- present proposed changes to PESB for action

Send feedback about either / both draft documents to Brendan O'Connor by the end of November 2014.

Stakeholder work group members
 John Page Tacoma Public Schools CTE Director
 Katie Siewert Vancouver School District Assistant CTE Director
 Moe Broom Yakima School District CTE Director
 Jno Hinson Yakima School District CTE Specialist, Administrative Intern
 Patrick Olsen North Kitsap School District CTE Director
 Susan Dixon Evergreen Public School District CTE Director
 Tim Knue WA-ACTE Executive Director
 Jewel Robinson Highline School District Career Guidance & Counseling Association
 Jennifer Fichamba Highline School District Career Guidance & Counseling Association
 Damaris Pearson Highline School District Career Guidance & Counseling Association
 Cynthia Noble Kent School District Career Guidance & Counseling Association
 Wendy Hurst Kent School District Career Guidance & Counseling Association
 Marianna Goheen OSPI Program Supervisor, Health Sciences Education

For more information contact Brendan O'Connor brendan.oconnor@k12.wa.us