PEAB Funding

 Teacher PEAB $1800
 Administrator PEAB $1600
 School Counselor PEAB $1600
 School Psychologist PEAB $1600
At the May 2013 PESB meeting, the Board approved this funding model to be used for PEAB allocations starting the 2013-14 academic year. Allocations will be determined by previous year-end fund balance reports. PEABs will be eligible to receive an allocation if the year-end balance is at or below 100% of the allotment amount.
Funding is based upon a 12 voting member PEAB.               

In addition, programs with satellite campuses located at least 100 miles from the main campus will receive an additional $300 annually to help defray some of the costs associated with long-distance travel for PEAB members.

This addition currently includes the following PEABs:
  • Central Washington University (Administrator, Teacher)
  • City University (Administrator, Teacher, Counselor)
  • Heritage University (Administrator, Teacher)
  • Washington State University (Administrator, Teacher)
2010 Funding Formulas -- no longer valid

Teacher PEABs - Allocation information 

Administrator PEABs - Allocation information

School Counselor PEABs - Allocation information 

School Psychology PEABs - Allocation information