PEAB Reporting Information

PEAB Reporting 

Standard 1 Annual Report

PEAB Administrators will supply information required for Standard 1 to the institution's Data Administrator.
Data Administrators will submit PEAB reports according to the Report Guidance document instructions and timelines found on the Annual Reports page.
DUE September 15, 2015
Save the PEAB Meeting Table and PEAB Recommendation Table as separate Comma Separated Value .csv documents

Watch the 2014 PEAB Presentation for expectations and suggestions for reporting PEAB recommendations.(13 minutes long)

Fund balance and contact information

The PEAB Information Form provides PESB with annually updated contact information for PEAB Administrators, assistants, and fiscal agent/budget coordinators. It also provides the year-end PEAB Fund balance to determine eligibility for the subsequent annual allocation.

Clicking the link below takes you directly to the form. Completion and submission of the form is directly sent to PESB staff, and is not part of the Standard 1 Annual Report submission above.

PEAB Information Form 2015

A completed PEAB Information Form AND completed Standard 1 Annual reports (P1 Meeting Table and P2 Recommendation Table) are required to determine eligibility for annual allocations. Eligible recipients will be notified with instructions for accessing funds through iGrants.


Questions about the reports or the reporting process can be answered by Brendan O'Connor 

Previous Years' Reports and Information