Standard 1 Indicators rubric scores

The Standard 1 Indicators rubric has 8 criteria. Each criteria has a score of 1 or 2 with 2 as the higher score. The charts below shows the number of 2 scores PEABs received. These are total scores and do not correspond to the order of the criteria in the rubric.

2014 Scores

The 2014 scores shown below are only for the preparation programs with site visits scheduled within 18 months of the scores report. Programs with all scores of 2 on the Indicators rubric are eligible to have a review of Standard 1 waived at their next regular scheduled site visit. The NW ESD 189 Administrator ProCert program, and the University of Washington-Tacoma Administrator programs both received waivers of Standard 1 review for their site visits at the May 2015 PESB meeting.

2013 Scores

The 2013 scores shown below are the results of the first year of implementing the Standard 1 Indicators rubric. All preparation programs were scored and results reported at the November 2013 PESB meeting.