Assignment of Educational Staff Associates

ESA Analysis Report to Board May 2012 

Staff and stakeholders conducted an analysis of assignment, production, and shortage of support staff. Click on the link above for the full report. Several key findings:
  • Wide variability exists in hiring and assignment of school social workers and school counselors;
  • Assignment of school psychologists, counselors, and social workers is often limited to a narrow band of the skills upon which they are prepared;
  • The points of leverage as well as the limiting factors appear to rest in funding and administrator familiarity with models of practice and what ESAs are prepared to do;
  • OTs and PTs are frequently over-assigned to clinical service rather than collaborative comprehensive services, thereby exacerbating the shortage of available personnel;
  • The cost of contracted support services in Washington has increased significantly in the last decade;
  • Nursing and other medical support personnel shortages are likely to increase in the coming years;
  • There is variability in use of trained therapy assistants in Washington;
  • Use of teletherapy is a limited but promising practice in Washington: OSPI Teletherapy Pilot.
PESB staff are working with OSPI and ESA associations to create a communication strategy to increase familiarity with national practice models.

Link to a video on the role of collaboration between counselors, social workers, and psychologists in the outcomes of the partnership between Gonzaga U. and Sunnyside H.S.

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