TPEP Renewal Requirement Work Group

Legislative charge: RCW 28A.410.278 Beginning September 1, 2016, the professional educator standards board shall incorporate in-service training or continuing education on the revised teacher and principal evaluation systems under RCW 28A.405.100 as a requirement for renewal of continuing or professional level certificates, including requiring knowledge and competencies in teacher and principal evaluation systems as an aspect of professional growth plans (PGPs) used for certificate renewal.

The intent of this legislation is to ensure that educators are trained in the evaluation systems used in Washington, and maintain current knowledge and skills in its implementation. 

Work group goals: To develop and clarify process / procedures for training regarding evaluation systems (TPEP) as part of certificate renewalThe group will propose implementation dates for PESB approval. 

1. Describe the content of the required TPEP professional development.

2. Draft WAC amendments describing the TPEP knowledge and skills requirement added to the professional growth plan for teachers and principals renewing professional and continuing certificates.

3. Develop process to document TPEP professional development for those with PGPs (professional cert) and those using clock hours (continuing cert) to renew certificates.

4. Bring draft WAC amendments, content, and process to the Standards Board for consideration for approval.

Tentative Timeline

Oct. 6 - Work group meeting (9:00 am – 1:00 pm @ OSPI - 1st Floor Hallway Table).

Oct. 23 - Draft WAC amendments sent out to stakeholders for vetting.

Nov. 6 - Deadline for stakeholder feedback.

Nov. 9 - Feedback summary provided to work group members.

Nov. 10 - Work group reviews stakeholder feedback and makes final edits.

January 21-22, 2016 PESB Meeting - bring draft WAC amendment, content, and process to the Standards Board for consideration for approval.

Vetting: Vetting procedures will be sent through PESB announcements.Professional associations will also be contacted to gather additional feedback.

Work group members:

Name Affiliation / Title
Jerry Bender Association of Washington School Principals / Governmental Relations Director
Helene Paroff Washington Association of School Administrators / Assistant Executive Director
Scott Poirier Washington Education Association / Coordinator of Education Policy Issues
Lucinda Young Washington Education Association / Senior Lobbyist 
Judy Deignan Clutter Seattle Public Schools / Teacher
David Cheney North Thurston School District /Teacher
Sue Anderson Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction / Director, Educator Effectiveness

PESB work groups are comprised of interested individuals from P-12, appropriate professional organizations, state agencies, and representing diversity (including ethnic, gender, rural/urban, and statewide distribution) as much as possible.

Contact: Questions related to this certification renewal requirement, please contact Brendan O'Connor or Patty Finnegan.