Post-site Visit Processes

At the conclusion of the site visit, an exit interview will be held. The exit interview is a short (approximately ten minutes) meeting where the site team chair will share the recommended ratings by program along with any accolades and/or required actions. The exit interview is not a chance for discussion as programs need an opportunity to read the site visit report in its entirety in order to have the narrative which supports each recommended rating.

Once a program receives the report (approximately 1 week for 1 program; 2 weeks for 2+ programs), several options are available to the program. The liaison is available to speak with program representatives on all of the post-site visit processes and procedures.

1. Factual Corrections

The opportunity to correct factual errors is to ensure numbers, titles, etc. are correct. If adding additional information will make a sentence more correct, it is not considered a factual error. Programs are asked to submit factual corrections via tracked changes. Single program reviews are asked to submit factual corrections within one week, and multiple program reviews are asked to submit factual corrections within two weeks. Depending on the deadline for Board materials, PESB staff may be able to extend the deadline upon request.

2. Institutional Reply

The program may choose to submit an Institutional Reply if the program has evidence that the site review team (1) disregarded state standards, (2) failed to follow state procedures for review, or (3) failed to consider evidence that was available at the time of the review. An Institutional Reply is due to PESB no later than two weeks after receiving the report; this timeline is codified in WAC 181-78A-100 and is not negotiable.

Preparing an Institutional Reply Guidance to Programs
Institutional Reply Guidance to PESB Executive Committee Members

3. Survey

Once per semester, PESB sends a survey to the deans who had an onsite review during the semester. This optional survey allows programs to share what worked and ideas for improvement with PESB staff and site team chairs.

For further information on the post-site visit processes, contact a program support team member.

Follow-up Report

One year after a site visit or focus visit, PESB staff will contact the program regarding unmet ratings and required actions. The program must respond with a succinct summary of the steps taken to respond to the areas identified; when appropriate, a timeline should be included. The response must focus only on the processes/procedures implemented since the site visit; any processes/procedures in place at the time of the site visit are not to be included in the follow-up report.  PESB staff will follow up with the program if the responses are too minimal to tell if the unmet/required action has been sufficiently addressed.

The summary from the program will be sent to the Board as a consent agenda item. This will allow the Board to read how the unmets and required actions have been addressed. Staff are to note in the cover memo if the responses were complete, or whether staff continue to work with the program regarding the unmets and/or required actions. If the Board is concerned about the program’s responses, the written report may be moved from the consent agenda to a regular agenda item.

If pulled from the consent agenda, the Board has two options:

1. The Board may direct staff to follow up with the program to address any concerns that Board has with the written report.

2. The Board may call for a site visit pursuant to WAC 181-78A-110.