9/10/2015 Webinar Follow Up for 2015 Reporting

posted Sep 11, 2015, 3:50 PM by Cheryl Ricevuto   [ updated Oct 8, 2015, 9:34 AM ]

An email was sent to all DAs at approximately 3:45 pm on Friday, 9/11/2015 containing the following, as well as other, information:

These changes, AND OTHERS, are documented in the 2015 Report Guidance, version 9/11/2015​.

  1. Selection Reports 4 and 5 regarding application assests and deficiencies
    1. PROBLEM - The ability to adequately match Asset and Deficiency program defined values to PESB Valid Values list.
      1. ​FIX: Expand the Valid Values for these element to capture all possible options
        1. ​PROCESS:
          1. ​​To collect those options, DAs will send to Cheryl via email the following:
            1. Name of the Valid Value to be used (see Report Guidance definitions for examples)
            2. Brief description of that Valid Value
            3. Whether it is an ASSET or DEFICIENCY
          2. Cheryl will add this information to
            1. the validation parameters of the Upload Report tool, so it will accept the value when reports are submitted
            2. a document to which DAs will have access that lists all of the Valid Values accepted by the Upload Report validator
            3. this document is found at https://goo.gl/phLcae
              1. this will permit cross use of these values per program decision
    2. ​​​PROBLEM - Decision and Enrolled are extraneous values
      1. FIX: Delete Decision and Enrolled elements from the S4 and S5 reports
  2. Selection Reports 1-6 and 8
    1. PROBLEM - Current SchoolYearCode definition confuses intent
      1. ​FIX: Redefine SchoolYearCode for these reports
    2. ​PROBLEM - Current Enrolled definition confuses (in future years' documentation consider Matriculation?)
      1. FIX: Clarify Enrolled element
  3. ​Standard Deviation
    1. PROBLEM - Some program data systems are unable to extract previous years' data to include standard deviation function in query
      1. FIX: None to Report Guidance documentation. Reports will include Standard Deviation as indicated.
      2. NOTE: During the webinar, some mentioned that their program may choose to be out of compliance w/this report element, e.g. not submit previous years' SDs. A reminder that such a decision is the program's to make.