ACTION: Please update data contacts - By 9/16/2013

posted Aug 19, 2013, 10:15 AM by Cheryl Ricevuto   [ updated Apr 30, 2014, 2:46 PM ]

Updating Point of Contact for Data Project Work

As we have attempted to explain to new program staff the various data governance roles (see  Data Governance Contacts page), we realized that those roles were not always the same as those defined at the program. In the interest decreasing confusion for all parties, the data system management role label within each program will be determined by the program.

At PESB, however, we need to have a point of contact within each program for the data work by Sept 16, 2013.

Each program should designate a single person as the data administrator for PESB data project work. This person will be the program’s:
  • Data Group representative
    • to be referred to as Data Administrator
  • PESB contact at the program for
    • scheduling TA meetings
    • data collection and reporting questions
  • Program internal contact for
    • PESB data manual and reporting questions
  • Person responsible for uploading PESB annual reports
    • this person’s email will be used as institution log in for the PESB report validation tool.

Submitting Updated Information

Once this person has been identified, please send to Cheryl Ricevuto ( the following information by Sept 16, 2013:
Job title
Email contact
Phone contact

Communicating Data Group Information

We will retain, and likely extend, our ability to inform those previously assigned to data governance roles by including all notifications to data administrators on the PESB announcements page. In addition to targeting communications to designated data administrator through the Annual Report Communications, data announcements will also be included in the bi-weekly notice sent from PESB to deans, directors, and other program roles. To view bi-weekly announcements to date, please visit

Please update your Data Governance contacts as described below by Sept 16, 2013

If, after reviewing the announcement, you have questions, please contact Cheryl.