Annual Report Data - What's Next

posted Nov 19, 2013, 2:25 PM by Cheryl Ricevuto   [ updated Dec 20, 2013, 8:04 AM ]

Thank you for taking time to complete the annual reporting and webinar scheduling surveys. The input will assist our group in making updates / changes / corrections to the documentation and inform technical assistance for the upcoming year.

Data Cycle Status

We are currently conducting a data quality review of the submitted reports. We will continue to contact institutions to confirm what may appear on our end to be anomalous information. Similarly, if you identify incorrect data, it can be corrected. Visualizations of the data submitted are linked to the Annual Reporting - Progress page -

When necessary, submit a revised report, e.g. B1, D1, using the Report Data Upload tool. The corrected data will be uploaded to the tables and displays by the following day's start of business.

Per the Annual Data Cycle adopted by the Board in July (, staff will report on the data collected at the March PESB meeting. Remember, you can sign up for Board meeting webinars here - - and find past meeting materials here -

Title II Data Upload

The assessment and demographics data programs submitted for Title II assessment and demographics batch upload is linked to this page -  You can recheck the data your institution submitted through the visualizations linked to that same page. Again, if there are any errors evident, a corrected report can be submitted using the Report Data Upload tool

Please make any corrections to the A, C, or D reports ASAP (and before December 15, 2013), so we have adequate time to prepare the reports for upload to Title II prior to the IPRC being opened to programs for data entry.

Data Admin Webinars

One of the reasons for the survey on availability is so we can schedule bi-weekly webinars for data administrators. The focus of these webinars will be to resolve technical issues that arise around the existing and future data manuals. (Lesson learned - Use Doodle. It was created and is so popular for very good reason...)