Clarifying Collection of Alt Rte Field Experience Hours

posted Oct 17, 2013, 5:16 PM by Cheryl Ricevuto   [ updated Oct 17, 2013, 5:16 PM ]
A sub group of data administrators representing programs with alternative routes met 10/17 via webinar to resolve a question regarding the counting of field experience hours for alternative route candidates. This group agreed:
  • All hours alternative route candidates spend in classrooms as part of their residency experience should be counted. Similar to expectations for traditional route programs the actual hours in this experience will be counted and collected. This decision comports with RCW 28A.660.020 (e) and (i) and the new program application requirements for alternative route programs.
  • A new Valid Value, RESIDENCY, has been added to the ExperienceType element of the 2013-2014 Field Experience Data Manual specifically tied to PESB-approved alternative routes. (see 10/17/2013 update)
    • Programs are encouraged to use this value in their collection this year. However, if it's too late in the collection year for a program to modify their collection, they can continue with their collection as begun in September. The new valid value and definition are specific to alternative route programs only.