Follow up to 9/16/2014 DA Webinar

posted Sep 22, 2014, 10:46 AM by Cheryl Ricevuto   [ updated Sep 22, 2014, 11:03 AM ]

Action Items - Three (3)

1) Review the DA Meeting Notes (2014-2015 Notes tab) to see the brief recap of the discussion and responses, e.g. removing the basic skills test from the 2014 report.

2) This serves notification that the revisions to the 2014 Report Guidance document made in response to the 9/16/2014 Data Administrators webinar have been made and the revised document has been posted on the Annual Reports webpage. Please take time to review it carefully; NOTE: CTEB&I the coding for C3 EndorsementTypeCode has changed.

3) Report D2 has been extensively revised. It includes only the edTPA subscores that have assigned a numeric score. We need some feedback from you on whether to report condition codes in the 2014 annual reporting cycle. More information follows.

Programs will report for 2014 the averages of edTPA assessment subtests that were awarded a numeric score in Report D2. Condition codes provide programs with important feedback on candidate preparation and assessment performance, but cannot be easily factored into the numeric averages. While programs can determine what portion of their rubrics are returned with condition codes, they would not have clear picture of whether that portion was within the range of normal for their state peers without a larger collection of that data. PESB could provide that larger context if an additional report were added to the 2014 Report Guidance (or future years' collections).

If programs express interest in providing a report that identifies the proportion of edTPA assessment subtests awarded a condition code, e.g. for program continuous improvement inquiry, such a report can be easily added to the 2014 reporting cycle, i.e. as a Report D3.

Please notify Cheryl of your preference.

NOTE: Educator preparation programs are REQUIRED to collect and hold the data identified in the State Assessment Data Manual, regardless of whether the data is reported to PESB. The responses to this survey WILL NOT CHANGE that data collection requirement.


Open TA webinars for 2014 Report Guidance are scheduled. Please visit the Data Administrator Communications or Announcements pages for more information about this opportunity for technical assistance. NOTE: Dates have been added to accommodate the X Report due date of 11/15/2014.