Follow up to January 2015 Data Administrator webinar

posted Feb 5, 2015, 10:57 AM by Cheryl Ricevuto   [ updated Mar 23, 2015, 4:58 PM ]

I neglected to post the email I sent out on 1/22/2015 following up on our webinar of 1/13/2015, and there have been many questions about the Report E) Working in WA schools. Here's a recap of the information, plus information about the Selection DM and pathway 2 data collection question:

  1. Report E) Working in WA schools due date has been suspended until further notice. Cheryl will notify everyone when the file is posted on the Annual Report Support Documents page. The group agreed that Report E would be submitted (using the Upload Program Data Tool) two (2) weeks from the date the file is available. 
  2. A link to a draft of field experience definitions document is available for DA vetting - DAs have commenting privileges. If you choose to make a comment, please add your name to them for any necessary follow up.  
  3. Kimberly shared the documentation WWU uses to calculate cumulative gpa. Please contact her directly if you would like more information.
  4. There was a question about the data being collected for the Selection DM for Pathway 2 (add-on) endorsement candidates. At this time, collect demographic information at a minimum, plus any additional information needed by the program for internal discussions / reviews. We can follow up on this at the DA TA Conference, as well.