UPDATE 3/18/2015: Title II Batch Uploads

posted Mar 4, 2015, 8:34 AM by Cheryl Ricevuto   [ updated Mar 23, 2015, 4:57 PM ]

PESB is awaiting notification from Title II that these uploads to IPRCs have been successful. Notification will also be forwarded to programs as soon as it's been received. A recent communication indicates that their programmers have the request in their queue. We've had historically good service from the Title II folks, so we're confident they'll follow through in time for certification. Thank you for your patience!

PESB has completed the batch upload of the Title II items. The following sections are impacted:

  • Section I.c. Enrollment
  • Section I.f. Program Completers (AY 2013-14)
  • Section III. Assessment Pass Rates and Summary Pass Rates
The Title II folks will upload into their validators, notify us of any problems, then add the data to each program’s IPRC.

Please notify your Title II administrator team member that these data be available in your IPRCs by early next week (week of 3/9/2015).

If any changes / corrections to those data need to be made after that occurs, please follow these steps.

  1. For any assessment data (WESTE, ACTFL, etc.), correct and resubmit your program’s D1 report. PESB will follow through on the correction.
  2. For enrollment or completer data, changes can be made within the IPRC, AND you must correct and resubmit the corresponding 2014 Report Guidance defined report so that your Title II and PESB report data aligns.

Please feel free to contact Cheryl w/any questions.