Updates: DA Webinar; Exit (formerly Completer) Table input; Reports E, P1, & P2

posted Apr 10, 2015, 10:43 AM by Cheryl Ricevuto   [ updated May 28, 2015, 9:16 AM ]

A more detailed email of this information was sent to DAs on 4/10/2015 @ ~10:30 a.m.

Completer Exit Data Table

Per our discussions at the DA TA Conference:
The Completer Table has been renamed to Exit Table 1.0 and uses ‘exit’ as an umbrella term for both completer and candidate who exits prior to completion. This change is reflected in the table schema, which reflects the Selection Table organization and element labeling. 

  1. Exit elements captured in Exit Table 1.0 in addition to the completer elements of past versions 
    1. reason for candidate not completing program 
      1. this has been modified to include simply that the candidate left due to WITHDRAWAL or DISMISSAL (remember, programs can collect more if they so choose) 
      2. the more detailed reasons for early exit have been removed 
    2. date candidate exits program 
      1. since this table includes both completion and exit, this date is added
  2. Exit Table 1.0 has been formatted to comport w/the Selection Table 
Please review these new modifications here - Exit Table 1.0

An Announcement is going out to Deans / Directors this afternoon (Friday, 4/10/2015) where they’ve been encouraged to talk w/their DAs about these new elements per the data manual development cycle.

DA Webinars

By 4/14/2015 please!

Please note your availability using the link to the Doodle survey provided in the original email for the first spring DA TA webinars. Two will be scheduled from this scheduling survey: 

  1. Data collection for 2015-2016 
    1. Review of revised Completer Exit Table (see above) 
    2. Draft data table documentation – I’ll distribute a copy of the draft a week prior to the meeting so you have time to review it  
  2. Initial discussions – Reporting 2015 

Reports P1, P2

Revised due date posted 5/28/2015 - See  P1 / P2 Report Update...(above) 

NOTE: Due June 15, 2015

We’ll talk more about these at the 1st webinar (even though it’s a bit off topic), but the submission will be as in the past ; a .csv file of each advisory meeting information table (P1, P2) from the beginning of the collection through the 2014-2015 academic year; no aggregation needed.

Report E – Working in WA - Discontinued

The Board has great interest in completer placement, employment, and related elements. However, most of the questions around those topics have evolved to require more detail than provided in the Report E. In other words, Report E has outlived its need, and to that end, has been discontinued. If your team has used this information for additional discussion and would like to have access to it, here’s a link to the larger data set PESB pulls from the S-275 to derive the file that was used to join to your completer cert numbers.