CTE B&I Annual Reporting

Data collections and report guidance documents for CTE B&I Route approved teacher preparation programs reflect the standards for these programs. Programs approved to deliver CTE B&I licensure training are required to annually collect and submit data to the PESB to retain program approval.  

See Annual Data Collections / Reports page for reporting documentation and requirements.

Data Manuals

Beginning with the September 1, 2014, data collections, all PESB-approved educator preparation programs will use the same data manuals, including CTE B&I and 4-year preparation programs.

Prior to the academic year beginning September 1, 2014, CTE B&I programs collected the data defined in each of the tables below. 

The 2014 Report Guidance will identify the reports to be derived from the elements found in these tables and submitted to PESB using the report uploader application (link to be defined).