Technical Support 

Structured Data

Structured data is constructed so that it is readable by computers.  Computers are very literal, so the rules need to be exact.  The process of writing these rules can be daunting, so when possible PESB adopts already set rule designs from sources such as the Federal Government, OSPI, or by some other national standard. 

Building a Database

The structured data is a database, not the software.  There are many different types of software that manage and report on data, including a program like Microsoft Excel.  There are also many different ways to construct and maintain a database, but PESB's technical assistance is going to focus on a more common design called a Relational Database.  

Note - Microsoft Excel has a nice user interface but it does not have the ability to link multiple tables.   

Building Structured Reports

Data should not be kept on sheets divided by time (year by year).  These are reports, which should be generated from a database.  Also, the Completer Table is not intended to be your database, but rather it is a report generated from your database.