Evaluating the Completer Table (not done)

Important Concept - The Delta (Δ) Problem

Delta is just greek letter Δ and it is often used by computer and math types to mean the difference between two things.  In our case, the Δ is having two reports that are counting the same thing but end up with different numbers.  

PESB usually does not care about Δ  unless the results are so different that the story changes.  However, programs should care about differences in numbers when they are attributed to them.

The "Δ Problem" is when we end up devoting time debating small differences rather than what the numbers are actually telling us. 

For a quick evaluation the completer table, look at a few basic areas.
  • Universe
  • Structure
  • Coding


Any report starts by identifying what (or who) should be counted.   Usually the universe from a another source is defined for that specific report.  This means that while you are be counting the same items, you will get different numbers (Delta Problem).
  • Does the table include at least 4 years (2012 will include the past 5 years) of data?
    • If no, the program likely