Special Education Endorsements - Review

Timeline for Revision of Special Education & Early Childhood Special Education Endorsements

Oct. 15 – Work group meeting (9:00 am – approx. 4:00 pm in the SeaTac/Renton area).

Oct. – Webinars to finalize the drafts.

Nov. 4 – Dec. 2 – Drafts sent out to stakeholders for vetting (P-12 practitioners, higher education faculty, and special education professional organizations).

Dec. 2 – Deadline for stakeholder feedback.

Dec. 3 – Feedback summary provided to work group members.

Dec. 4 – Work group reviews stakeholder feedback and finalizes edits via webinar & email.

January 21-22, 2016 PESB Meeting – Draft Special Education and Early Childhood Special Education competencies presented to the Standards Board for consideration for adoption. (Agenda is posted about 2 weeks prior to the meeting.)

Purpose & Process of the Review

PESB adopted a 7-year review cycle for each endorsement to update the content-specific knowledge and skills (known as "competencies") necessary for the beginning teacher to be effective on the first day of their first year of teaching. PESB staff gathers a stakeholder work group to update and revise the endorsement competencies. The stakeholders include content-specific P-12 teachers, faculty from preparation programs, and representatives from professional organizations. Once the work group completes the revisions, the draft is presented to the Standards Board for consideration for adoption. This process takes about 4-6 months from start to finish.

Once the revised competencies are adopted by the Board, the teacher preparation programs begin retooling to align their endorsement coursework and field experiences to match the new competencies. This step usually takes about 12-24 months; programs will need to retool and receive PESB reapproval for their special education endorsement programs no later then July 2017. The final step is the revision of the content-specific teacher assessment (WEST-E or NES) to reflect the revised endorsement competencies. 

Beginning September 1, 2019, the NES special education assessment will be required for the Special Education endorsement and the modified WEST-E will be required for the Early Childhood Special Education P-3 endorsement.

Upcoming Certification Change for Pre-service Special Education Teachers 

Beginning September 1, 2019, pre-service teacher candidates will be required to earn a content-area endorsement in addition to the Special Education or Early Childhood Special Education endorsement.

Work Group Goals          

1) Revise the Special Education and Early Childhood Special Education endorsement competencies and present drafts to PESB for consideration for adoption. 

2) Make recommendations to PESB regarding the alignment between the revised competencies and the WEST-E and NES special education test frameworks.

Work Group Materials

Business Rules for Work Group

Pre-Reading Materials


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Special Education Qualified Personnel - WAC 392-172A-02090(1)(d) 

Please contact Patty Finnegan with questions related to the review of this endorsement.