Teacher Indicators



Timeline for Completion
Program Selectivity (Grade Point Average) 1. Pre-program GPA: aggregate average, includes high school GPA for any individuals who enter undergraduate teacher preparation in their freshman year, college coursework GPA for individuals who enter undergraduate teacher preparation after their freshman year, and GPA in all college courses for individuals entering post-baccalaureate teacher preparation programs.
Developing Fall 2017
Candidate Knowledge and Skills (Assessment of Content Knowledge) Average percentile rank of program completers’ scores on the WEST-E/NES compared to all test-takers in the state in a given year, standardized by assessment, and reported for individual endorsement areas (programs) and for EPP as a whole.
Completed Fall 2015
Pre-Service Performance Assessment Average edTPA percentile rank of program completers’ scores on the edTPA compared to all test-takers nationally in a given year. Based on the national edTPA score distribution standardized for each assessment, mean percentile scores are reported for each endorsement area offered by the EPP. Scores also are reported for the EPP as a whole based upon the aggregate average percentile score for all edTPA test takers at the EPP in a given year compared to the aggregated percentile scores for test-takers nationally in all certification areas offered by the EPP.
Completed Fall 2015
Candidate/Completer Diversity A comparison of the number and percentage of program completers in the most recent graduating cohorts – disaggregated by race/ethnicity, linguistic diversity, gender, and SES – with the number and percentage of candidates originally admitted in those same cohorts; and
The extent to which the population of teacher candidates in an EPP reflects the diversity of the larger student population on the same campus
The program completion rate is the ratio of (a) the number of individuals who complete a teacher preparation program or who pass state licensure examinations in a given year to (b) the number of individuals who were admitted to the program originally.
Developing Spring 2016 Board tasked staff with identifying ways to collect data regarding all aspects of the TAC's definition at the May Board meeting.
First-Year Teacher Perceptions completer survey Developing Spring 2016 Initial pilot concluded in early Summer 2016. Additional work needed to improve response rate.
Student Perceptions of Novice Teachers student perception survey Developing Fall 2016 PESB is hoping to partner with OSPI on this indicator and awaits results of OSPI's pilot.
Completer Employment Employment indicates that a completer is working as a teacher-of-record in Washington public school within three years of program completion. Completed Fall 2015
Completer Persistence The mean difference over a three-year period between the retention rate of a provider’s first-year teachers employed in Washington public schools and the retention rate of other first-year teachers in the same school. Completed Fall 2015
Completer Impact on K-12 Student Learning Provider median SGP for teachers in their first three years of teaching. Developing Fall 2017
Assessment of Completer Performance Mean teacher scores from classroom observational protocols or principal surveys of teacher practice for teachers in the first three years in the classroom. Developing Fall 2017
Production of Completers in Shortage Areas For EPPs with STEM, SPED, and/or ELL programs, percent of completers with endorsements in STEM, SPED, and/or ELL. Completed Fall 2015
PEAB TBD Planning Fall 2017 PESB plans to build upon partnership surveys from other NTEP states to develop an instrument.
Partnerships TBD Planning Fall 2017 PESB plans to build upon partnership surveys from other NTEP states to develop an instrument.