Becoming a New Educator Preparation Program

Please follow the steps and timeline below for becoming a new educator preparation program. PESB adheres strictly to the timeline stated below, so please be sure to factor that into your planning. All forms throughout the process should be sent to

Step 1: Submit Notification of Intent 
This indicates your intent to apply, which PESB is required to post publicly here. After you submit your NOI, you will receive an e-mail from staff confirming that we received it, as well as information on next steps, including options to attend an orientation and receive technical assistance.
Step 2: Submit Pre-Proposal 
The Pre-Proposal form helps to assess your readiness to design and implement a new program. Your Pre-Proposal form will be brought to the board members during one of their scheduled board meetings which occurs every 2 months. You must complete and submit your Pre-Proposal form at least 60 days in advance of the PESB meeting that you wish the board members to consider your Pre-Proposal - all PESB Board meetings dates can be found here.  The 60 day deadline ensures ample time for staff to review your Pre-Proposal and provide any feedback necessary before the Pre-Proposal goes before the board. If the Pre-Proposal form is approved by the board, the next step is to complete a final application.
Step 3: Submit Final Application
Your final application consists of two forms - a Full Proposal form and the appropriate Addendum Form. You may need to submit additional forms depending on whether you wish to offer an alternative route and/or endorsements as part of your program.  Your final application with all its forms must be sent 60 days in advance of the PESB meeting at which the final application will be considered.  Lastly, at this step a program representative should prepare to attend the Board meeting prepared with a 15 minute presentation on the program design and answer Board member questions. Staff will work with you as you prepare your materials and presentation for your final application.

If you wish to also offer an alternate route as part of your program design, you must submit the Alternative Route Approval Form as part of your final proposal, or you can choose to add an alternative route at a later point in time. If you wish to offer an endorsement(s) as part of your program, you should also complete the Endorsement Approval Form for each endorsement you wish to offer, and submit with the other forms due at this stage as well.  

Key Due Dates:   

Board Meetings              Final Draft Proposals Due        

Sept. 21-22, 2017                    July 21                                        

Nov. 21-22, 2017                     Sept. 15                                   

Jan. 11-12, 2018                     Nov. 10                                        

March 15-16, 2018                 Jan. 12