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    Data Manuals

    Programs will collect the data and be able to create the tables defined in each of the data manuals below. Collection of these data elements begins on September 1 of the specified year. Annual reports requested from PESB will be derived from these tables. Programs are expected to hold the collected data in their records, as annual reports may request multiple years of data. 

    • Programs may choose to collect and hold additional data important to informing their program design and continuous improvement cycle. 
    • Programs do not need to maintain their data using this schema, but they need to be able to create reports from their system containing these elements.

    2013-2014 Data Manuals

    Completer Table 2.2 (8/20/2013)

    This table structures specific information about each program completer and was created to supply information missing from the OSPI certificate database

    Field Experience Table 2.0 - this link will download the .pdf file to your computer (12/13/2013)

    This table defines the characteristics of field experience and is a result of a joint effort between PESB and WACTE representatives.

    Standard 1 Table 2.0 (10/28//2013 revision uploaded 1/7/2014))

    This table gathers the WAC-defined work of the program PEABs and structures that data to be reportable.

    State Assessments Table 1.0  (revision date 2/4/14)

    This table defines the candidate level assessment data programs will collect and hold. 

    2014-2015 Data Manuals (In Development)

    Data Administrators are currently working on the final drafts of these documents. Expected availability date is June 1, 2014. Implementation of these data manuals begins September 1, 2014.

    Completer Table 2.3

    Field Experience Table 3.0

    Selection Table 1.0 - DRAFT of newly developed manual available 4/11/2014 (For Board consideration in May)

    Standard 1 Table 2.1

    State Assessments Table 2.0