Certification Renewal Options At a Glance: Professional - Continuing

There is no change in requirements for Residency certificates. Residency certificate holders need to work towards earning a Professional certificate.

Professional certificates WAC 181-79A-251

Continuing certificates WAC 181-85-075


If you received your certificate 

Pre-September 2014


If you received your certificate

Post-September 2014
Clock Hours

Professional – 150 hours

Continuing – 150 hours

Professional – Not available

Continuing – 150 hours

Professional Administrator – 4 PGPs/5 years only option

All other Professional and Continuing – PGPs optional

Professional (all roles) – 4 PGPs/5 years only option*

  • This is the biggest difference in renewal requirements

Continuing – PGPs optional

 “Mix & Match”

Professional – May “mix & match” clock hours and PGPs

Continuing – May “mix &  match” clock hours and PGPs

Professional – Not available

Continuing – May “mix &  match” clock hours and PGPs

*National Board Certified educators renew their Professional level certificate through maintaining a valid National Board certificate. 

  • Educators who complete 4 PGPs/5 years have completed certificate renewal requirements.
  • Each completed PGP = 30 clock hours. Four PGPs = 120 clock hours.
  • If an educator chooses to “mix & match” PGPs and clock hours, the total number of combined clock hour equivalent must = 150 clock hours. 
    • For example: 3 PGPs + 60 CH = 150
  • Some educators will complete additional clock hours for salary schedule purposes.