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Annual Data Collections / Reports - Documentation and Support Resources

Current Collections and Reports

2014 Annual Report Documentation

2014 Report Guidance (download .pdf; download .docx) - updated 6/17/2014 

Please review report D2) Assessments - edTPA Subscores.
Data Administrators can direct questions to Cheryl Ricevuto ( or 360.725.6327).
Program faculty and staff should direct their questions to Data Administrators for their program.

See also Frequently Asked Data Questions for technical changes / updates.

Upload Program Data Tool - updated 6/17/2014

The Upload Program Data Tool hot link HAS BEEN ACTIVATED and is ready to ACCEPT P1 and P2 report submissions, ONLY. The P1) and P2) reports are to uploaded using this tool for the first time this year and are due by 6/30/2014.

Supporting Files

Includes assessment report data dictionaries and sample files (if available), data tables used in B and E reports, etc.

Data Manual Documentation

Access 2014-2015 Data Manuals from PESB Data Manuals webpage. Now downloadable in .docx.

See also Frequently Asked Data Questions for technical changes / updates.

CTE B&I Programs - Note change

Beginning September 1, 2014, all PESB-approved educator preparation programs will use the same data manuals to define data collections.
Prior years' documentation for CTE B&I reporting are found on the CTE B&I Annual Reporting page.


Technical Assistance

Data Displays

Of Current Submissions

Data displays and information related to current reports.
    Includes review of data, error reports, instructions for resubmitting corrected data

From Other Data Sources

Data displays and information from other sources as identified