Special Project Grants


**Special Project Grants will be on hiatus through the 2012-13 school year.**

PESB has set aside $20,000 to provide an opportunity for approved programs to engage in an activity related to program development, evaluation, and assessment of candidates’ competencies for Administrator, Teacher, and Educational Staff Associate performance based programs.  There is no set amount for grants, but awards typically range from $500-$5000.

These special projects need to clearly address the criteria identified in the grant application materials. Funding may not be used to fund activities that should routinely occur as a part of college/university program development, operation, and evaluation. We especially encourage projects that address one of the following goals:

  • Initiatives that develop and sustain partnerships with remote and rural districts
  • Strategies to enhance educator preparation to develop candidates capacity to increase academic language skills of P-12 students
  • Improving educator preparation to positively engage historically marginalized students and families in the education process
  • Develop sustainable strategies to improve the recruitment and preparation of candidates to include those from historically underrepresented populations
  • Implementation of Standard IV, with emphasis on one or more of the following

o Recruitment/retention in response to assessed district/regional needs

o   Faculty model equity pedagogy

o   Training of cooperating teachers in collaboration with district partners

Priority will be given to projects that appear to have broad applicability across institutions, and grantees will be asked to share results of the project with peer programs. Grant activities should involve collaboration with other IHEs, K-12 schools, ESDs, or across academic departments.

Applications are due by September 30, 2011. After requests have been reviewed, applicants will be notified of decisions by October 21, 2011. If there are unused funds after June 30, 2012, recipients shall return the funds to PESB by September 1, 2012. Extensions may be granted upon request.  Budget expenditure changes above ten percent of the total budget must be preapproved. 

Electronic proposals are preferred to coleen.putaansuu@k12.wa.us.  If you have questions, contact Coleen at (360) 725-6321 or coleen.putaansuu@k12.wa.us.



Expenditure Guidelines