Standard 1 - Professional Education Advisory Board (PEAB)

Approved: July 2010
Implementation: September 2012

Building on the mission to prepare educators who demonstrate a positive impact on student learning, the following evidence shall be evaluated to determine whether each preparation program is in compliance with the program approval standards of WAC 181-78A-220(1):
1.A Membership, meeting requirements, and operating procedures
1.A.1 The professional education advisory board has been established in accordance with WAC 181-78A-209.
1.A.2 The professional education advisory board has adopted operating procedures and has met at least three times a year.
1.A.3 The professional education advisory board has reviewed all program approval standards at least once every five years.
1.B Meeting activities, recommendations, and collaboration
1.B.1 The professional education advisory board annually has reviewed and analyzed data for the purposes of determining whether candidates have a positive impact on student learning and providing the institution with recommendations for programmatic change. This data may include, but not be limited to: Student surveys, follow-up studies, employment placement records, student performance portfolios, course evaluations, and summaries of performance on the pedagogy assessment for teacher candidates.
1.B.2 The professional education advisory board has made recommendations when appropriate for program changes to the institution.
1.B.3 Programs must in turn consider and respond to the recommendations in writing in a timely fashion.
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