Process for WEA PEAB Appointments

If you are seeking to fill teacher vacancies on any PEAB, please follow the process below for securing appointments from the Washington Education Association.

The Washington Education Association (WEA) annually appoints a large number of educators to serve on Professional Educator Advisory Boards (PEABs).  In order to facilitate our appointment process, WEA:

·         does not take nominations from colleges and universities with recommended appointees

·         will try to find appointees who meet demographics requested by colleges/universities (e.g. specific geographic region, school district, content area or level)

·         will seek to identify appointees who live within a reasonable driving distance from the college/university.

Please send all requests for appointments via email directly to Christina Martinez at WEA (, copying Kim Mead ( and Stephen Miller ( in the cc field. 

It is no longer necessary to send a request letter in the mail.