Standard 2  - Accountability and Program Improvement 

Approved: November 2010
Implementation: January 2012

2.A. Each approved educator preparation program shall maintain an assessment system that:

2.A.1. Assesses outcomes in alignment with the conceptual framework and state standards.

2.A.2. Systematically and comprehensively gathers evidence on:

2.A.2.A. Candidate learning;

2.A.2.B. Program operations, including placement rates, clinical experiences, and candidate characteristics.

2.A.3. Collects candidate work samples that document positive impact on student learning.

2.A.4. Aggregates key data over time.

2.A.5. Incorporates perspectives of faculty, candidates, and P-12 partners.

2.A.6. Includes processes and safeguards that ensure fair and unbiased assessment of candidates.

2.A.7. Provides for regular analysis of assessment results.

2.A.8. Is systematically linked to program decision-making processes.

Approved:  March 2014
Implementation:  March 2016

(1) Each approved program shall maintain a data system that exhibits:

(a) Data structure;

(b) Standards for security and access; and

(c) Guidelines for data governance.

(2) Each approved education preparation program shall collect and report data in accordance with the data manuals adopted by the Professional Educator Standards Board.